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Policy Date Passed Assigned Contact Status Update
Cap on Candidate's Spending During UWESU Election Week 01-Apr-14 SU President Live No update available.
Disabled Student Part Time Officer 01-Apr-14 VP Community and Welfare Live The position of Disabled Students' Officer has been advertised as part of the October 2014 by-election. 
Health Centre- Improving Sexual Health Provision 01-Apr-14 VP Community and Welfare Live

VP Community and Welfare will be running a Sexual Health and Guidance week in early 2015.

The University are currently reviewing health provision on campus, which the VP Community and Welfare is involved in. The VP Community and Welfare has regular meetings to take forward the resolves.

International Politics on UWE Campuses and in UWE Students' Union; Maintaining a politically neutral 01-Apr-14 VP Education Live

UWESU will continue to encourage all students who wish to campaign on political or social issues in a positive and inclusive manner and will be supported throughout their campaigns. Motions submitted to AGM and Student council will be checked by VP Education to ensure it adheres with this policy. We will be running workshops prior to the AGM on ‘How to Write a Motion’ which will outline this policy to students and give guidance on submission. 

Making the case for Student-Led Networks 01-Apr-14 VP Community and Welfare Live

Advertising for Networks is now displayed on all campuses. Networks have been free to join for 2013/14 and 2014/15 academic year. Network membership has been rolled over for 2014/15.

The first Networks Awards was held in 2013/14, planning has begun for 2014/15 Awards.

The Students’ Union are currently discussing membership options with our web providers to see what is feasible.

Petitions section on UWESU's Website 01-Apr-14 SU President Live

The Students’ Union is currently developing a page which we are linking into our governance structure which will enable you to make a change through a petitions section of the website.

University Issued Cards 01-Apr-14 SU President Live

The Students’ Union has raised the integration of student cards into one single smart card. This process is currently delayed.

We no longer produce UWESU membership cards, and so integrating them is not feasible. 

Drink Aware, Have a Safe Night Out, and strengthening Student Communities 18-Feb-14 VP Community and Welfare Live

Sports/Societies/Networks are currently able to book Red Bar as a space without the bar being open. A Number of student groups have given out water at SU nights during 2014/15 so far. A number of daytime and evening events were run in 2014/15 such as Crafternoon and City Bus Tour.

The Students’ Union hosted a Postgraduate Student Welcome.

Equality and Diversity 18-Feb-14 VP Community and Welfare Live

A number of students are members of University Equality and Diversity meetings to feed into current projects in this area.

Legal Aid Motion 18-Feb-14 VP Community and Welfare Live

This motion was submitted to NUS Conference in 2014.

Motion of UWESU to adopt the Bristol Pound 18-Feb-14 SU President Complete
The Bristol Pound is currently being taken in our Frenchay Shop (on trial) and will be reviewed going forward. 
Remove Conflicting Companies 18-Feb-14 VP Societies and Communications Live

The Students’ Union does not directly decide on what companies can advertise and sell on University campuses- this is at the discretion of the University. UWESU  has vetted conflicting organisations from the events and spaces under the control of the Union- e.g. Freshers Fair, SU bars. So far we have only had one case of a conflicting company and this has been handled by the Students’ Union by lobbying the University Marketing Department (who had granted permission for the conflicting company to operate on UWE campuses). This lobby resulted in the company being banned from campus by the university. No formal panel has been formed yet, it will be as and when necessary.
Lobbying has been completed through emails and meetings with the University Marketing Department.

To Increase the Membership of the Executive- Sustainability Officer 18-Feb-14 SU President Live

The position of Sustainability Officer has been advertised as part of the October 2014 by-election.

The lacking of Facilities, Space and Common Hall for Student Societies' Activities: Events, Culture 18-Feb-14 VP Community and Welfare Live

Student groups are able to book Red bar and other university spaces upon request. All documents relating to bookings have been reviewed.

The Living Wage 19-Nov-13 SU President Live No update available.
Cycling Facilities 19-Nov-13 VP Societies and Communications Live

This is available on our website The only thing that needs to be more prominent are the facilities available on campuses.  Information about cycling facilities are available here
The SU President is a member of the UWE Master planning Group where this will continue to be lobbied for.
The VP Sports and Health is a member of Healthy University and will continue to lobby there
The VP Socs and Comms is a member of Sustainability Board and Bower Ashton Stakeholders Group and will continue to lobby there.

New Students' Union Building 19-Nov-13 SU President Complete

A formal letter was written to the Board of Governors around the new Students’ Union Building. The President/Student Governor voiced and presented the importance of space in the building and that maximum budget cover should be considered.

The building is currently being built and is set to be delivered in June/July 2015.

Wednesday Afternoons 19-Nov-13 VP Sports and Health Complete

Timetabling policy approved by Academic Board on 25th June 2014

It states the following: “Every effort will be made by CETS to end teaching no later than 13:00 on a Wednesday, for activities that conform to the University’s standard teaching week. However, activities which require specialist spaces, for example, may be scheduled later.”

Any students with specific timetable queries should email

Safer Spaces Policy 19-Nov-13 VP Community and Welfare Live

A Safer Spaces Policy has been developed and implemented.

Removal of 'Fit to Sit' 19-Nov-13 VP Education Live

Previous actions:

The university have passed a new package of regulations including Fit To Sit at Academic Board on 25 June 2014. It was formally noted in the minutes of this meeting that the Students’ Union opposes the policy being implemented.  The new regulations and procedures will come in to effect in September 2015.

A full review of the extenuating circumstances procedures has been undertaken with full input from VP Community & Welfare and VP Education. There was also widespread student consultation from Student Reps and Student Council members.

Sabbatical officers have been, and always will, ensure that the university does not implement any policy or procedure that encourages students to miss exams.

The union has considered NUS Policy relating to other universities in its conversations with UWE.

UWESU have not been approached by any other union about Fit To Sit. If this situation should arise his will be considered by the officer team on a case by case basis.

Next Steps:

VP Education and SU President to be a part of the Extenuating Circumstances Implementation Group. 

VP Education to work with Regulatory Framework Manager and establish communication plan to students on the Extenuating Circumstance Regulations.

Officer team to meet with Director of Academic Services to discuss current operational plans and present student concern on the wording of the policy.
Westerneye 19-Nov-13 VP Societies and Communications Live

Funding for Student Media is now allocated via the Societies Budget with no conditions attached. Note that Western Eye, along all student-led activities, still must comply with the UWESU Finance Policy.  Western Eye has any written obligation to cover stories regarding UWE Students’ Union. As of yet no decisions have been made regarding the society or its future. UWESU are currently conducting a review of how we support our student media and its role within the Union. Western Eye will be involved in these discussions and will have a say on the decisions that affect its future. 

Motion to increase support for International Students at UWE 19-Nov-13 VP Community and Welfare Live

International Students' Officer elected during March 2014 elections. 

The Students' Union ran a series of non-alcoholic events before and during Welcome Week. Namely; International Student Welcome, City Bus Tour, Boat Trip, Crafternoon. 

Boycott Divestment and Sanctions 19-Nov-13 SU President Live

The Students’ Union held a referendum which passed in favour of a boycott. The Students’ Union do not stock products grown or produced within the state of Israel, nor by the illegal settlements in the West Bank. 

Ban Advertising from Payday Lenders 19-Nov-13 SU President Live

The Students’ Union do not advertise Payday Lenders and have worked in partnership with UWE to make sure this is the case across campuses.

At Freshers’ Fair 2014, a loan shark campaign was launched which warned students against Payday Lenders as well as advice being given by appropriate services by UWE/UWESU. We have a firm stance against Payday Lenders.

Ethical Banking 19-Nov-13 SU President Live

We were using the Co-op Bank for investment and were due to consider moving to them fully. They lost their A Credit rating and according to our investment policy we can no longer use them as this proves too risky. We are in discussions to sign up to Triodos Bank for investment and will see how this progresses.

Water Fountains 19-Nov-13 VP Societies and Communications Live

Water fountain being installed by SU on Bower Ashton. Free water is available at the bar on all campuses. There are water fountains on level 4 and 5 of Frenchay Campus. A water fountain is planned for Glenside Student Centre.
Vice President Societies and Communications has lobbied the UWE Sustainability Team, UWE facilities and the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Environment and Sustainability at regular meeting of the University Sustainability Board. SU  President has also lobbied UWE Facilities at Facilities meetings. This is the latest update from the University
‘Estates is carrying out a strategic look at current locations with a view to achieving comprehensive coverage. We also reviewing the type of cooler we use. This work will be complete by February 2015.’ 

Allotments at UWE 19-Nov-13 VP Societies and Communications Complete

UWE have allocated a community food garden on Frenchay Campus, and UWESU regularly run action days to look after this land. There is a herb bed in Cotswold Court on a trial basis. UWESU currently promote through our partnership with Incredible Edible Bristol, work with students to get involved through our Green Leaders programme and promote on our website.

Communication Motion 04-Apr-13 VP Societies and Communications Live

A Communication Strategy has been created and work will commence shortly on its implementation. All campuses have monthly targeted newsletters sent out via the Union, through which the campus officers can send updates on what they are doing. First termly impact report for students to be planned at the next executive meeting. Elected full-time officers all have generic social media accounts separate from their personal accounts.

Finances Motion 04-Apr-13 VP Societies and Communications Live  
Student groups are able to request a budget form in a more familiar layout by asking for a full report from the Students’ Union finance office. A new member of staff has been recruited with the responsibility of making sure sport, society and network accounts are kept up to date, and to be the sole point of contact for finance requests, making it easier and quicker for committees to spend their money and keep track of expenditure and income. It also streamlines the process and reduced workload for the rest of the finance department and removes operational duties from the elected officers (namely the Vice President Sports and Health and Vice President Societies and Communications). Online viewing of Sport/Society/Network accounts has been a priority and the logistics around connecting our finance system to our web system so that accounts are available to view online automatically have been investigated. At the moment no solution has been found that does not present a significant cost implication for the Union, which cannot currently be afforded out of our budget. This will be a project for the new finance administrator (mentioned above) to look into more possible solutions.
University support of the student representation process 21-Feb-13 VP Education Live

UWE and UWESU continue to work in partnership to ensure the student representation system is effective and democratic.

UWESU Have updated representation web pages to include a specific portal for UWE Staff. Within these web pages is a bank of resources many of which were newly developed including a guide to student rep elections and UWESU delivered staff training  workshops in partnership with academic services.

These resources and documents can be found at

SU representation team met with each head of department to explain the processes of Student Rep elections and the importance of having reps.

UWESU are unable to facilitate face to face Student Rep elections due to lack of resource. This is done by UWE staff as part of course inductions or early in the teaching schedule.

Student Reps can now send announcements out through MyUWE to their cohort and students can now see who their Student Rep is through a new tab on MyUWE entitled ‘Student Representatives’. This was work led by VP Education in conjunction with Academic Services and IT Services and in response to student feedback.

UWESU have employed a Student Representation and Support Manager to review the national picture of student representation and ensure we have a clear strategy in place with regards to student voice. 

Accommodation: Wellbeing and the 'Pound in your Pocket' 21-Feb-13 VP Community and Welfare Live New university accommodation opened in 2014 has cheaper rents than existing locations on campus. VP Community and Welfare is currently working on a property portal for students as well as running a ‘Don’t Rent Yet’ campaign. The VP Community and Welfare has regular meetings with Accommodation Services and maintenance updates are a part of these. 
Rate your Landlord', toolkits and life in accommodation 21-Feb-13 VP Community and Welfare Live

VP Community and Welfare will be reviewing this policy after the development of the student property portal and ‘Don’t Rent Yet’ Campaign.

Rethink of proposed student union building proportions 21-Feb-13 SU President Complete
The new SU building is currently in construction phase, full plans can be found on this will be ready July 2015
Increasing awareness and representation of postgraduate students 21-Feb-13 VP Community and Welfare Live

Postgraduate Network has been established and supported by the VP Community and Welfare.

Motion to campaign for an increase in our annual Block Grant 21-Feb-13 SU President Live

We have received an increase in our Block Grant for both 2013/14 and 14/15 and have received a number of bits of funding for specific projects such as the Green Leaders scheme.

UWESU plan to look at how the Block Grant is put together ahead of lobbying for the 15/16 Academic year.

Emergency Motion supporting students against course closures at UWE 21-Feb-13 SU President Live

Politics and International Relations at UWE was saved from closure due to the hard work of students and staff who lobbied against closure.

Representation was made at Academic Board where facts were layed out by student representatives ahead of the decision.

Motion to implement a Sexual Health Awareness Campaign 22-Nov-12 VP Community and Welfare Live

A campaign was carried out in early 2014 and will also be repeated in 2015. 

Board of Governors- Improving Student Representation 22-Nov-12 SU President Complete

We have a unique Student Governor Forum which allows us more representation as more voices are accessed by the Governing Body.

The Student Governor Forum provides an opportunity for student representatives, Governors and members of the Executive to debate key strategic themes facing UWE and national initiatives that may have impact on students at UWE.

The members of the Forum are the Students’ Union President/Student Governor, who chairs, the elected full time officers, Chair of the Board of Governors, four other governors and the Vice Chancellor.

Often, key senior managers of the university will be in attendance. This meeting happens three times a year.

Motion to change the name and remit of VP Sports to VP Sports and Health 22-Nov-12 VP Sports and Health Complete

Vice President and Officer name changes have been implemented.

Position sits on UWE Healthy University Group to encourage diversity in Feel Good February events and ensure student participation across the whole academic year. Sports Exec have a Health and Fitness Officer to deliver key campaigns across the year.

Free nutritionist advice is available for any sports club member in the form of workshops and one to ones from the UWE Centre for Sport.

VAT Clarification Motion 29-Mar-12 VP Societies and Communications Complete No update available.
Freshers’ Fair Accessibility Motion 29-Mar-12 VP Societies and Communications Paused No update available.
Student Support Services on MyUWE 30-Nov-11 VP Education Complete Following this mandate, UWESU worked with the University to improve UWE's website with regards to support services, which can be found:
Accessibility to information 30-Nov-11 VP Education Complete Motion resolves taken to Academic Board on 7th December; That there is a commitment from Student Services to ensure more explicit support for disabled students. While there is currently a University commitment to make reasonable adjustments, feedback from students would be welcomed, particularly to ensure consistency across the University.
Commitment to Sustainable Palm Oil Products 30-Nov-11 VP Societies and Communications Complete The following statement has been provided by UWE Facilities regarding their position to helping implement our policy above (31st Jan 2012): Deforestation will ultimately have a massive impact on greenhouse gases in the future!!; BASED ON THE ABOVE HOSPITALITY ARE VERY MUCH COMMITTED AND ARE WORKING TOWARDS Working with our current suppliers to identify the products we purchase which contain palm oil; Source an alternative product which does not contain Palm oil; If no substitution found ensure that the palm oil used is from certified source; Implement changes; Promote changes on menu and other marketing to using sustainable Palm oil; New suppliers for tender process will have this written in to tender documentation for products having no Palm oil or identifying certified palm oil; Timeline target 2013.
Maintain the Integrity of Student Media 30-Nov-11 VP Societies and Communications Complete A review of  the Western Eye Editorial Board has been undertaken.
Balfour Beatty 30-Nov-11 SU President Complete UWE currently don’t use Balfour Beatty; SU President seeking assurances of how long this arrangement is valid for; SU President has contacted other Students’ Unions across the UK to see how many are leading campaigns on this issue- only 1 replied to say they are lobby locally because Balfour Beatty are contracted; Motion holder contacted to draft letter to Balfour Beatty- no reply received.
Implementation of Mental Health Awareness Training for UWE Staff 30-Nov-11 VP Community and Welfare Complete A training session for UWE staff is now offered by the UWE Learning and Development Centre; 2 sessions of this training have been arranged for SU staff throughout February; Students have been receiving regular updates on this motion through Community and Welfare Committee; There is a “Time to Change” day being held on Frenchay Campus on 8th February with NUS VP Welfare, key UWE staff and the Director of Time to Change all attending- all students are welcome.
Umbrella Campus Integration 30-Nov-11 VP Education Complete Meetings have so far been held on both Glenside and St Matts following this mandate; Due to the current limitations on UWE IT it is not possible to hold the AGM in more than one location at the same time – we will review this on a regular bases to see when it is possible; Travel policy currently being developed to go to Finance and General Purposes Committee.
Glenside Student Centre 30-Nov-11 SU President Live Glenside Student Centre hours reinstated; Lock-In moved to Fridays; Student usage being recorded daily for the evenings; Survey conducted about student experience at Glenside- results being evaluated; Still running at a loss; SU President proposes lobbying of UWE to invest in Glenside Student Centre alongside the Glenside Campus re-fresh; Glenside Campus hours were amended for the last term of the academic year, information of which can be found:
To Improve Research Students' Experience 30-Nov-11 VP Education Live There has been a University wide Graduate School set up by UWE to support research students- as part of this the VP of Education will set up a meeting with the Head of the Graduate School to take forward this motion; PhD Supervisor training is already offered through UWE; All UWE staff and students are being offered free places on Equality and Diversity training that is taking place in the next week.
PGCE Bursaries 30-Nov-11 VP Education Paused The VP of Education has contacted the Vice Chancellor and other Unions around the UK to seek support; National campaign from NUS in the pipeline which the VP Education will be picking up on and driving forward at UWE.
Hartpury College 30-Nov-11 SU President Live For this academic year the opening hours at Hartpury will remain the same to take account of the students also in Gloucester- this will be reviewed again in June; SU President and Hartpury Campus Officer working to lobby Hartpury to continue to maintain facilities; An HE block opened for use by UWE Hartpury students only which has provided students with a mix of learning spaces.
Support Staff and Students in Industrial Disputes 30-Nov-11 SU President Live No votes have yet been conducted as there have not been any formal industrial disputes since the motion was passed.
Trade Union Dispute 30-Nov-11 SU President Live Funded flyers were created to raise awareness of the November 30th strike action; VP Education and SU President contacted UCU and offered to have collection boxes in the bar- none were provided; UCU provided a statement which was hosted on the UWESU website

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